23 August, 2021

The overwhelming
freelance market

How coworking spaces and tech skills have improved the economy?

The freelance market has majorly increased overtime to the point that google has more freelance workers than permanent employees. Freelancing in itself allows an individual to adapt and learn more as they work for different companies in different environments. Even though they may be working on various different projects at one time it is still important for them to have a workplace solely for them. Coworking spaces aren’t only for those who own large companies or startups for that matter. Infact coworking spaces are used by freelancers to get their work done in a specific amount of time. Hence not only is a coworking space productive for businesses but also those who freelance.

A new solution to workplace needs

Coworking spaces over the past few years have created a new environment for corporate companies , allowing workers to socialize and interact with different businesses within a space. This creates a new way to network for industries. Moreover this doesn't only help a business socially but also has many economic advantages.

One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that they are affordable hence economically friendly. In a coworking space businesses pay for what they require while sharing the cost of larger common areas. Hence making it easier for businesses to focus on internal growth and less on the overhead. Coworking spaces also give businesses flexibility to operate in whatever way they want to which in turn causes faster growth.


Since coworking spaces provide many additional benefits such as collaboration, business planning and mentorship, the outreach of businesses grows as well as freelancing. A productive environment like the one in coworking spaces makes the employees innovative and builds their motivation by letting them view concepts from different perspectives. It also allows employees to freelance for other businesses which increases their productivity and helps them learn.

Coworking spaces also aid in developing the local economy. Using developed spaces for businesses brings more foot traffic to businesses nearby which boosts the local economy. The concept of coworking spaces have evolved overtime making them the ideal work environment for the future. Since more companies understand the benefits of workspaces they might avail building their businesses in such a professional and productive environment. This will result in better performance, job satisfaction and will generate high quality candidates for companies.

Bullpen and example of condusive and unique work environment

Our office spaces are not designed as grey cubicles that sap their occupants of the will to live. Our spaces are meant to empower the vibrant minds of tomorrow. This is a theme that shows up throughout our buildings. Colorful walls that keep the mind active, and a dedicated cafe that faces you right as you enter; features like these are the hallmark of what makes The Bullpen what it is: The place to be for tomorrow’s most ambitious entrepreneurs.

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