The Best In The Business

Who We Are

We envisioned The Bullpen as a coworking space that showcased the best qualities of a shared office space, as well as those of private office space. We believe in flexibility, in providing personalised service to every individual or business operating within our walls.

Coffee, Internet, a space where you can work in your zone; these are just the essentials we provide. What distinguishes The Bullpen from anyone else in our business is our commitment to you, the entrepreneur. Our dedication to providing you the sort of environment, populated by the sort of minds, that not only supports and fosters your ambitions, but brings out the best in YOU as a business.

In short it’s you. What makes The Bullpen the best coworking space in Karachi is our dedication to you.

What We Provide

Modular Spaces

The Bullpen has always found creative ways to serve our customers better and to be able to cater to their needs the best we can. We understand that everyone has different space requirements which is why we have introduced the modular concept. Our walled partitions are modular and interchangeable, which means you can change the shape, size and orientation of your rooms on a 48 hour notice if needed.

Manhattan Express

The Bullpen has always believed in creating more facilities for its clients and has strived for creating the perfect 360 solution for the modern day professional. Which means being able to fulfill our clients caffeine and food needs. Manhattan Express embodies the vibe and essence of a coffee house in New york, with a variety of coffees, bagels, sandwiches and desserts all at unbeatable rates throughout the country. So on your way to work you can grab a latte, tailored to your taste or perhaps a bagel with cream cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions

A coworking space is an office space that is shared concurrently by multiple enterprises or entrepreneurs
Renting a desk or workstation at The Bullpen entails the following benefits:
  • Electricity (Primary and Backup)
  • Plumbing
  • Maintenance
  • High speed internet
  • House-keeping
All individuals or entites who are clients at The Bullpen may pre-book our Corporate Event Space, subject to availability.
The bullpen is strategically located in a developing commercial where a majority of plots have not been utilised, therefore there is ample parking available for everyone.
Our agreements usually cover a period of at least 6 months.
We require a month’s notice prior to leaving.
We are currently operating at multiple locations in DHA, Karachi. View our addresses here.
We have a conference room for meetings available, it is equipped with boards and multimedia facility for presentations etc.

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