05 August, 2020

What The Bullpen
Does Differently

Tips to make the challenge of tough startup environment a lot easier, so you can stand your ground in competitive market.

The market for shared office spaces is highly competitive. There are a number of big corporations in the running for the potential to do business with YOU. We’ve talked before about the factors you should consider. Here’s why you should go with The Bullpen.

Personalised Service and Offerings

Most coworking spaces will give clients a tour of their premises, and expect them to decide on a space that suits their needs. Smaller clients will often find themselves having to negotiate between a reasonably priced solution for more people than they have, and an expensive solution on a per seat basis.

The Bullpen does things differently. Team BP will work with you to arrive at just the sort of space you’re looking for. You can customise every aspect, from the amount of people a room should seat till the type of chair or desk each of your employees (and you) will sit on.

Something (affordable) for everyone

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest desk you can find, or a luxurious private office equipped with all the amenities you could think of, The Bullpen will provide! We fancy ourselves as masters of effective spending. As such, our most inexpensive solutions cost less than five figures a month! But it isn’t as though we only cater to people looking to cut costs, again, we just believe in effective expenditure. Our top-of-the-line rooms will leave you wanting for nothing, and will do so for a price that can’t be beat.

A truly unique environment

Our office spaces are not designed as grey cubicles that sap their occupants of the will to live. Our spaces are meant to empower the vibrant minds of tomorrow. This is a theme that shows up throughout our buildings. Colorful walls that keep the mind active, and a dedicated cafe that faces you right as you enter; features like these are the hallmark of what makes The Bullpen what it is: The place to be for tomorrow’s most ambitious entrepreneurs.

Give us a call or drop by for a visit. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.