05 August, 2020

What Makes A Good
Coworking Space

Tips to make the challenge of tough startup environment a lot easier, so you can stand your ground in competitive market.

In the market for a good coworking space? Can’t figure out how to decide between your options? Here are 4 unconventional but highly relevant factors that you may not have thought of.

Think about the accessibility of your location

not just from your standpoint, but your employees’ as well.

Having your office a stone’s throw away from home might sound great in theory, but it could come back to bite you if most of your employees live halfway across the city from you. Be considerate of your subordinates when deciding on a workplace. A terrible (or terribly long) commute can really take a toll on employee morale, which in turn can severely impact productivity.

Think about the contingencies they offer.

Spacious rooms and comfortable chairs are enticing, sure, but Karachi is a town rife with its own problems. Does the space you’re considering provide backup power, considering the area it’s in suffers from irregular loadshedding? Do the streets drain well, in case it rains? Do they have multiple concurrent internet connections, so that you are less likely to suffer from a loss of service? All of these factors and more, while irrelevant on a good day, become critical on days when things go wrong. Pick a space that plans for the worst days.

Think about how well the space can accommodate scaling up

Pick a space where there is room for both growth and shrinkage. If you’re renting one team room that seats eight for now, make sure you have options in the same space, even if there’s four or twelve of you tomorrow. Having to relocate every time you hire (or fire) just isn’t feasible, and often won’t even be contractually possible due to leasing arrangements. Pick a space that is willing to work with you flexibly.

Think about what size of space is right for you

Studies have shown that, while a coworking environment does offer fewer distractions than a classical office, being too small of a presence in too large of a building can have undesirable consequences. Don’t rush towards the biggest name you’ve ever heard of within the industry, find a space that is appropriate for your organization.

Picking a good coworking space clearly isn’t as easy as it looks. Often, you’ll have to put in a fair amount of deliberation into the matter to arrive at a good decision. Regardless, a good coworking space will always be worth the time invested in looking for it. Start thinking ahead!